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How to Handle A Crush When You Have Mental Illness

You know how it goes, one day you’re hanging out at your favorite spot and you see a new person.  This wouldn’t normally be an issue but this new person is particularly attractive and is someone you’d like to get to know.  Maybe you don’t say anything because you’ve been burned too many times or you have a bit of anxiety or you just think this new attractive person wouldn’t be interested in you.  However it goes, at some point, one of you talks to other about something completely innocuous.  That was fun, you think, and then leave it at that.  Then the next day, and the next few days this attractive stranger keeps showing up at your spot and before you know it you’re deep into an hours long conversation about life, love, philosophy and everything under the sun.  At this point, it’s hard not to feel something for this attractive stranger even though you only know their first name.  You try looking them up online but there are so many people with this first name that you give up

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